Dear Friends in Christ,

I have just returned from the wild/remote bush of Northern Kenya.

This trip was powerful and so very exciting due to a New People Group I went to, called the Rendille People. Going with me was my good/young friend Richard Harris (of whom I have been mentoring for missions). The Rendille People are originally from Somalia and some have mixed in with the Samburu of Northern Kenya. They are much more primitive than the Samburu due to where they live and much less contact with other people.

Our interpreter said, "No one has ever carried the Gospel to these people due to their remoteness and danger".

In every village we were met with curiosity and shock (that we had come to them), but they gladly listened to the timeless truth of the Simple Gospel. These people were not polluted by western culture or tourist (no tourist go there). Their lifestyle has not changed over the years. They live a very hard life, surviving on blood from the cows - a little goat meat and ground up maze (when they buy from traders). The women do all the work! They build the small huts, go cut and carry fire wood, go on long journeys to get water and take care of their many children.

One old man, when asked what he worshiped, said "I worship the 'Black God' - The God who lives so high - you cannot see - anything but darkness."

What is his name - "I don't know". Where is he found - "I don't know". Does he hear you - "I don't know". What happens when you die- "Nothing - Finished - You live no more - The End!"

The people live with NO HOPE! But yet they were so glad to see us.

As the workers (Samburu & Rendille ministers that came with us) went into the villages, the people would come out and sit/wait under the shade trees (it was well over 100 degrees everyday). Then we would teach them a Christian song or two and they would sing and dance. We actually joined in with them in their dancing (a form of jumping and swaying back and forth). Most of the women wore large beaded necklaces (hand made) and were naked or topless. They are beautiful people. - Largely unpolluted from the western world and modern conveniences.

We shared about Heaven, Hell, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Eternal Life, and The Love of God - The people listened intently and became so happy. They couldn't believe that they could live with God after they die and not be punished for eternity after we explained what sin's they had committed.

- The women all fight and bite each other
- The men all get drunk on homemade beer and severely beat the women (some die)
- The warriors go and steal cows/goats
- They all go to Witch Doctors
- Nobody worships the "1" True God
- They worship the God of the Mountain, Tree, River

One morning, as we were drinking coffee at our campsite - word came to us that the last village we had shared Jesus in had stayed up all night singing and dancing because of the Good News they Had Heard! Praise God!

One day, the Lord brought 19 warriors (called Moran) to us as they were resting under a tree. They listened intently (very unusual) and all 19 prayed to receive Christ! - When you reach the warriors - you reach the Next Leaders of That Generation!

One young man said "I want to go back with you to your country, learn about the God named Jesus everyday!"

Another lady said "I cannot believe that Jesus loves us so much - that he would send you all the way from your country to us with this message. He must love us a lot!"

As always - after sharing Christ - we prayed for the Blind, Deaf, Crippled and as always - God confirmed "His" word with signs following (Mk 16:20)

- We had 3 Blind Eyes (100% totally blind) OPEN
- 1 Totally Deaf Healed!
- Several partially blind (could see only a few feet) & partially deaf - HEALED!
- The Miracles astonished the people - we told them
- The Real God and His Kingdom had come to their Village!

Probably the greatest joy of my heart came in one village when a young teenage girl come crawling like an animal to us when we were preaching under a tree. My heart broke for her, for she was severely demonized and had become an animal (very common in Africa). We gathered around her and started Casting Out Devils - after a few minutes I commanded her to stand up and walk in Jesus Name (she had never done this). I had one of the workers take her by 1 hand and walk with her & she did!

Then I said - "Let her walk on her own with no help" and she did! Then she started running!

She had never done this before - The people couldn't believe their eyes! (this is on video)

Praise God - The True God and His Kingdom Had Come!

At the end of the trip - We had seen the Lord and the Holy Spirit
- Save over 250 Rendille/Samburu
- Miracle Heal 3 Blind, 1 Deaf
- Set Free a Severe Demon Possessed
- Start 2 churches
- Many Received the In Filling of the Holy Spirit (with tongues)
- Several Saw Jesus Walk Up to Them
- Light Come to a Dark Place!

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