Dub Lewis is an Ordained Minister of the Gospel who has been preaching the uncompromising Word of God for 33 years with an apostolic ministry of signs and wonders in the supernatural. In 1991, Dub met the Holy Spirit in a powerful personal way that radically changed his life and theological views. From this relationship with the Holy Spirit, a missions ministry developed that concentrates on grass roots evangelism, healing, and church planting with signs and wonders out in the remote bush and/or jungles in Africa and Asia, and also the Himalaya Mountains in Nepal and Tibet.

In 1994, Dub quit his secular job and devoted his life to full-time missions as an independent foreign missionary. He formed Acts Today Ministries International to go where few or none have gone, out into the bush, jungle, and high mountains, to the forgotten unreached primitive people out in remote villages.

Dub has proclaimed the Gospel to primitive people in over twenty countries all throughout Asia and Africa. This ministry has either directly (or indirectly through donations to this ministry) planted over eighty churches in Asia and Africa, built churches and school buildings, bought land for churches and vehicles for national evangelist pastors, and provided feeding programs and discipleship. All of this is made possible by tax deductible donations to Acts Today Ministries International. 

This Ministry has seen thousands of unreached primitive pagan people saved by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. Most of these people had never heard the name of Jesus even one time. We have also witnessed several thousand miraculous healings (such as totally blind eyes opening, deaf mute speaking, paralyzed cripples walking, and tumors falling off) as God confirmed His word by signs and wonders through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Acts Today Ministries International has been called of God to go where few or none have gone, out into the bush, jungle, and Himalaya Mountains, to the forgotten unreached primitive people out in remote villages.

This Ministry Operates 100% on Faith Donations and has been in operation for 19 years.

ATMI Supports Indigenous Pastors

Peniel - Pastor Peniel and Acts Today Ministries International have ministered together for ten years to reach the Masai, Barabaik, and Sandawe people of Tanzania. Peniel leads a school built by ATMI for the Masai and directs a feeding program. SOC also purchased a new land rover for Peniel to use in reaching Tanzania for Christ.

First John - Pastor First John is a former Samburu warrior. He was saved miraculously seven years ago and God gave him a vision of a white man He would send to help bring Jesus to his people. When he met Dub, he recognized him instantly as the man in the vision. First John pastors two Samburu churches planted by Acts Today Ministries International.

Bishop Zebadiah Mwakadage - ATMI works with Bishop Mwakadage in Mbeya, Tanzania to plant churches in remote villages. ATMI has helped him start over 50 churches by going or sending money in the remote villages of southern Tanzania.

Yohanna Toret - ATMI supports Pastor Yohanna Toret. He is a Masai pastor and who has started 15 churches in the remote Bush of southern Kenya.

Liason Kjela - Pastor in southern Tanzania.

Gabriel - Acts Today Ministries International planted two Turkana churches on the Kenya/Sudan border which Pastor Gabriel pastors in spite of constant danger from border crossing Sudanese rebels.

Ronnie Mugadza - ATMI purchased a used truck for Evangelist Ronnie Mugadza to use ministering in the bush surrounding Filabusi, Zimbabwe.

Mike Wongolo - Acts Today Ministries International purchased a car and thousands of dollars worth of sound equipment for outreach evangelism in Uganda.

George Thomas - Acts Today Ministries International has purchased four-wheel drive cars and motor scooters for the pastors of 8 churches in Tamil Nada, India working with Pastor Thomas.

Nat Hsein Hsein, John J. Sang, and Saw Moo - Acts Today Ministries International has supported these pastors and evangelists to reach Burma for Christ

Rupake Shaha - ATMI supports Evangelist Rupake Shaha in his outreach to Muslims in Bangladesh which includes a water well digging ministry.